Emergency Preparedness Committee

What’s on this page

Our UT emergency gathering place

We meet in the center of UT — on the Green.

Building coordinators

  • Building One — Peter Hosemann and Milton Azevedo
  • Building Two — Sylvia Tiwon and Bima Gunawan
  • Building Three — Julia Thomas and Kris Albert
  • Building Four — Gaspard Duchene
  • Building Five — TBD
  • Building Six — Ian Duncan
  • Building Seven — TBD
  • Building Eight — John Smail
  • Building Nine — Barry Smith and Meryl Smith

Building coordinator responsibilities

  1. Know who lives in each unit in your building, hold contact information and know in advance who will need special assistance in case of an emergency, i.e., wheelchair users or others with a disability. Use and update, when needed, a diagram for quick reference.
  2. Distribute materials on emergency preparedness, including instructions on what to do in case of an emergency to each resident. (Or encourage your building-mates to print materials off this website or its links.)
  3. If an earthquake or other disaster occurs, Building Coordinators will make the rounds of residences to see if anyone needs help, and report to the Incident Commander, Martha Dickey.
  4. Know where facilities’ shut-offs are for sprinklers, gas, and electricity in case they need to be shut off. Instructions are posted where each building’s shut-offs are located.

Emergency cache

John Smail is the coordinator of the emergency cache, which is stored in the recycling area on the south side of Building Nine, and responsible for its maintenance, e.g., enough oil for generator, sufficient working batteries, etc. Additional supplies are in the tool shed.

For more information:


Along with your emergency items have ready for pets:

  • Dog and cat kibble and water bowls
  • Dog or cat kibble for five days
  • A supply of any needed medications
  • A carrier for EACH cat and/or a spare leash or harness for dogs
  • Sheaf of newspapers and plastic pick-up bags
  • Addresses and phone numbers of vets
  • Pet’s vaccination records (if they need to be placed in a shelter).

Preparing for an earthquake


  • Alert SF — Their Gather Supplies instructions are clear and complete.
  • American Red Cross has a comprehensive list of items for their emergency preparedness kit. However, note that they have only a one- or three-day version and we might have to wait much longer than that for assistance.

What to do during an earthquake

  • Alert SF has a comprehensive list of what to do during an earthquake, presented from different perspectives, i.e., if you’re indoors, outdoors, or trapped in debris.

Links to other resources — with specific suggestions