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Parking locations

Each residential unit at University Terrace (UT) is assigned one specific, numbered parking space according to documents filed with the City of Berkeley (COB) and Alameda County.  You can see a list of parking spots, by number, and the corresponding address (password protected using same password as is used for the directories). The Association cannot change your space.  There are three guest spaces (# 92-94) at the north end of the Jefferson Avenue cul-de-sac, between Building 1 and St. Joseph the Worker Church, on the west side of the street.  These are marked “Reserved Guest Space – UTB HOA Only.”

Streets surrounding the UT complex are restricted to a two-hour limitation on parking between 8am and 7pm (except Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays), unless you obtain a parking permit for “Area C” from the City of Berkeley.  The following COB parking permits are available (fees are as of May 2021):

  • One-day Visitor Permit: $3.00 each
  • 14-day Visitor Permit is no longer available
  • Annual Residential Permit: $66 each (requires vehicle registration to Berkeley address)

You may obtain “Area C” Visitor and Residential permits at the COB Customer Service Finance Department at 1947 Center Street (1st floor), Berkeley, CA 94704, Phone: 510.981.7200. For more information, go to the Berkeley Residential Preferential Parking Program website.

On the streets surrounding the UT complex, parking is prohibited one morning a month between 9am and noon for street cleaning. The days for each street are:

  • Addison Street (south side of street) – 1st Monday of the month.
  • Allston Way (north side of street) – 1st Monday of the month.
  • California Street (east side of street) – 1st Thursday of the month.

Unauthorized parking in your assigned space

If someone parks in the space assigned to your unit at UT, you may have the vehicle towed at the owner’s expense.  To protect against unauthorized towing, there are two recommended ways of authorizing towing:

  1. Monday – Friday (excluding holidays), during business hours, 830a – 430p, get in touch with our property management group. They will fax an authorization with your name to Husteads and request that they perform the tow.  Husteads will notify the City of Berkeley police, so that when the owner of the towed vehicle finds it gone, the police will be able to advise the owner of the reason for the towing and where the vehicle can be re-claimed.
  2. At all other times: Call the City of Berkeley police directly (for Parking Enforcement, 510.981.5890) and ask them to give an authorization to Husteads. 

Either way, you will need to be present when the vehicle is towed, and you will have to sign for the towing and give your contact information, per Section 22658 of the California Vehicle Code (CVC).  If this is inconvenient for you, you may consider leaving a note on the windshield of the vehicle in your space, explaining that the space is reserved for a UT resident.  If you choose this course, it is probably best for security reasons not to identify the unit associated with your particular space.  You may also consider contacting a UT Board member. Subject to their own personal schedules, one of the Board members may be able to meet Husteads at the towing site and sign as the authorized agent of UT. NOTE: Anyone who is towed will face a bit of at least $500 to get their car back.

For your own parking while your space is occupied by the unauthorized vehicle, you may park either in one of the UT guest spaces or on one of the streets surrounding UT.  Note that if you park on the street, you will be subject to the COB’s two-hour limit described above, unless your vehicle has an “Area C” parking permit.

Unauthorized parking in other UT spaces

For parking violations on UT grounds other than unauthorized use of parking spaces assigned to specific units, towing requests must be initiated either by UT’s property management company (WMG) or by a UT Board member.  The UT Board has adopted a towing policy that describes three circumstances under which a vehicle can be towed:

  • Violations of UT’s governing documents (such as the CC&Rs or the Seller’s Disclosure Statement)
  • Safety violations (parking in a fire lane, blocking an entrance, parking within 15 feet of a fire hydrant, or parking in an identified no parking zone)
  • Inoperative vehicles (lacking some major part required for operation, such as an engine).

If you want to request a tow for these reasons, you will need to contact either the property management company (WMG), or a UT Board member. 

Parking in red zones

While UT is private property, the red zones that are painted within the complex are governed by the same DMV codes that govern red zones anywhere in the state. Movement both into and out of any parking areas in our complex is limited. While parking in the red zones inconveniences others, at worst it could endanger all of us. To be clear, read the DMV code.

Guest parking

The three guest spaces on Jefferson Avenue are intended to be available for visitors of UT residents, as well as for University staff, potential home buyers, and maintenance, gardening, and service vehicles (see Section 9, p. 10, of the Seller’s Disclosure Statement).  As described on the map of on-site parking assignments for UT (Attachment E to the Seller’s Disclosure Statement, Note 4), the guest spaces “will be controlled by the Homeowner’s Association and not used for individual unit parking.”  To ensure equitable access for all UT residents to the guest spaces, the UT Board has authorized the use of a Guest Pass system.  Individual UT residents may download the Guest Pass (in pdf format) and print it out for the use of their guests.  The UT Board has adopted the following time limits for guest space use:

  • 24 hours or less: No Guest Pass required.
  • Beyond 24 hours: Homeowners or other unit occupants should fill out a Guest Pass to post on the dashboard of the car in the guest space.  Each pass shall be for no more than three days, and shall show the beginning and the end of the three-day period. The 24-hour limit includes intermittent use; for instance, a vehicle that parks in a guest space on two successive days will be deemed to have had use of the guest space beyond 24 hours, even if the vehicle vacated the guest space at night.
  • Beyond three days: A given vehicle shall not use Guest Passes totaling more than 15 days in a 30-day period.

Failure to abide by these guest-space time limits falls in the category of a violation of governing documents under UT’s towing policy.  Towing for violation of guest space time limits can only be initiated by the property management company (WMG), or a member of the UT Board.

Maintenance and service workers

Space #21 in front of the UT Tool Shed is designated as parking for maintenance and service vehicles for vendors providing service to UTHOA. There are two other spaces on Jefferson, #50 and #51. Non-maintenance vehicles will be towed at the vehicle owner’s expense.

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