Following is a list compiled over the years identifying people who do handy work. If you have any additions, or see that someone is no longer in business, please let Anne Aaboe know.

  • Danny Beltran, 510.414.1032 (cell) or 510.633.1488 (office), http://www.diamondhandyman.com/about-us/. “Danny He built the railing for our loft, installed child safety gates, did minor plumbing and electrical work, fixed faulty closet doors, and other around-the-house sorts of projects. He is extremely pleasant and very reliable!” June 2015 
  • Neal Cassidy “Homo habilis” — “He’s very efficient. Carpentry and household repairs.” 510.527.5913 May 2015
  • Ramon De La Fuente, 510.200.1926, ramondelafuente@gmail.com.  “Ramon housesits and also can do maintenance and small repairs.  Reliable!”  June 2015
  • Roger Hammar, “Carpentry & Such,” 510.282.8790 has also been quite helpful.
  • Francisco Perez, 510.290.9251. “He’s done a little bit of everything around my place (power washing windows, fixing window rollers, water line to fridge, new kitchen faucet, reseating and caulking toilets, installing exhaust fans, etc.). Highly recommend!” And from another homeowner: “Francisco is fantastic. He has done a bunch of odd jobs for us too, always great, and very responsive.” June 2015
  • Amy Segal, 971.271.7105. Fix/Rebuild/Design/Solve. Email amyjsegal@yahoo.com. Recommended by Beatriz Motta.
  • Cesar Chacach, 510.613.3071, recommended by Craig Davidson. “…only works weekends. He has a full time job. His work is impeccable. He does electric, carpentry, plumbing, painting, he does everything except tiling and wallpaper.” June 2021