Mailbox Keys: You can get your keys duplicated at any lock shop. If you happen to lose all your keys, you will have to get a locksmith on site to drill out your old lock and install a new one. Rex Key and Security (510.527.1000), will come out to do it for about $130 (July 2021).

Dumpster/Recycling Area: The two recycling areas have padlocks that are keyed to the City of Berkeley (City of Berkeley employees have a master of sorts – our keys are a subset of that and unique to UTHOA). Submit a request to our management company if the padlocks breaks. Rex Key will have to key the lock to the City of Berkeley master and one of our keys.

Homeowner keys: These are yours alone. It is entirely at your discretion whether or not to distribute these to your neighbors just in case of emergency. Note, though, that the board, as noted in the CC&Rs, has to right to gain access to your place with notice (look at CC&Rs for exact language) if there is a good reason for it.

Commons Room Key: Follow the guidelines, spelled out here.