Plumbing Repairs

Plumbing help
First, if the problem is outside your unit, then our property management company must be involved. Please contact CIMS (our property management company) directly.

Second, if this concerns your unit alone, then you may find the following recommendations helpful:

  • All Service Plumbing (ask for Shelly) — 510.655.5015.
  • Albert Nahman Plumbing and Heating — 510.843.6904. One homeowner said, “They are very professional and I believe their pricing is fair.” 2009 But another homeowner said, “I would not recommend Albert Nahman Plumbing, since they are way overpriced. (They wanted $365 to fix a leaky faucet.)” July 2015
  • The Lunt Marymor Company — 510.985.2889. Their quoted rates are: $75 for the first 1/2 hour; $86.25 for the first 3/4 hour; and $97.50 for the first hour. 2002
  • Pacific Drain and Rooting, Inc. — 510.452.4606 or 510.223.3883. 24-hour services. Ask for Nasir N. Jalil. “Five stars on Yelp!” July 2015
  • Pat O’Neill — 510.526.7721 (office), 510.333.2157 (cell). One homeowner said, “She replaced the inner workings of our toilet, fixed the shutoff valve, and lowered the fill level to save water.. It was flowing nonstop. We had to put a rock on top of the valve to keep it from opening.” And added, “Pat O’Neil is local, reliable, and efficient with reasonable, fair prices. She even sent me a thank-you-note.” July 2015
  • Mr. Rooter Plumbing — 510.843.6378. Used to be around the corner on University. Apparently has consolidated offices with Oakland. Has been recommended by many UT homeowners in the past. Other homeowners have found they recommend excessive, unnecessary work and are very expensive. May 2011
  • Peter Renoir — 510.842.6423. “Reasonable.” July 2015
  • Bay Plumbing (formerly known as Tony the Plumber) — 510.860.2147. “Honest, conscientious, local, independent, and reasonably priced. Highly recommended.” May 2015, used him 2018 too and ditto to recommendation, used him 2021 and ditto. Recommended by Alix S, Jason O, Stacey V, and Anne A – all in 2022.
  • Mauro’s Plumbing — 510.290.2785. Recommended by Loic Wacquant, 2022. $180/hour

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