There are many different kinds of lights around UT: short black pole lights, exterior wall lights, tall light poles, lights above our mailboxes, lights in the covered parking structures, lights outside the Commons Room, and lights in the Building Nine porte-cochère (ok, the main entrance on the north side of Building Nine). Some of these lights are too difficult for homeowners to change (way out of reach, for example), but others are very easy to change.

This is where the UT Light Brigade comes in!

The UT Light Brigade is a group of volunteers who work with our property management company to change the lights that are easy and safe to change. This saves us hundreds of dollars each year.

The process, when you see that a light is out, is:

  • Identify the light that is out using the University Terrace Light Map below.
  • Email John Smail of the Light Brigade with a description of the location of the light that’s out.

The map (click here for a larger view):

This view of UT provides a quick-look at the different kinds of lights we have and where they are located.

A key to the images used on the map, located along the bottom of the map, helps you identify which type of light needs replacing. Each light is individually labeled with either a number or a letter. Each building or structure is also labeled. For example, if the wall light on the outside of Building Three on the California Street side is out, then that’s “Building Three, wall light A.” The two parking lots are labeled “north” and “south,” while their lights are labelled “A” – “D” for the north lot and “A” – “C” for the south lot. So instead of saying, “The parking lot light is out,” the description would be. e.g., “North parking lot, light A is out.”

The short brown light poles are each labeled with a unique number that does not tie to a location. Each mailbox has a number unique to its location. The five lights outside the Commons Room are called out separately, while the Building Nine porte-cochère lights are noted as two distinct purple shapes with no number. The tall light poles around UT are all uniquely labeled; what’s not included are the tall light poles in Presentation Park, which are maintained by the City.