Full Belly Farms CSA

Soirée on Fridays, 5-7p outside Commons Room

Full Belly Farm delivers boxes of seasonal fruits and vegetables each Friday to UTers and neighbors who have subscribed to their service.

Summer at Full Belly Farms

Here’s how it works:

General information

  • You subscribe — general Full Belly subscription information.
  • You correspond directly with Full Belly: csa@fullbellyfarm.com or 800.791.2110 about subscribing, vacation, any business-related items except being the Veggie Minder (host).
  • The content of each week’s box is different. Contents can change day-by-day, so if you don’t like surprises (too much!), check out the contents here.
  • The boxes for everyone on the UT list are delivered on Friday and are placed outside of the UT Commons Room doors for pick up between 7 am until 9 pm.

Friday Soirée (this has changed significantly since spring 2020)

We have a longstanding tradition of holding a soirée on Fridays, beginning at 5 pm. A couple of Veggie Minders (hosts) take responsibility for the following activities on the weeks they have a shift, but sometimes a couple of people (or couples) will split a shift. Veggie Minders take turns according to predetermined shifts. To sign up for a shift, email Alix Schwartz.

Early Days of the Full Belly Farm Soiree

Responsibilities of the Veggie Minder (in exchange for a free box that week)

  • Supplies snacks (bread, cheese, etc)
  • Set up the soiree at 5 pm
  • When people come to get their veggies, make sure they sign by their name on the sheets Full Belly will have dropped off.
  • Clean up – returning chairs to Commons Room, washing dishes, recycling

If there seems to be a mess on the carpet, run the vacuum around a bit.

We receive one free box every week, and the veggie minder gets that box as his or her reward. If the veggie minding shift is split between an opener and a closer, the two also split the box contents.

Got questions? Email Alix Schwartz.