Full Belly Farms CSA

NOTE: We have a temporary routine because of the pandemic: all boxes will be delivered and picked up outside the commons room until further notice, and the soiree is on hold until it is safe to gather and share food again.

Full Belly Farm delivers boxes of seasonal fruits and vegetables each Friday to UTers and neighbors who have subscribed to their service.

Summer at Full Belly Farms

Here’s how it works:

General information

  • You subscribe — general Full Belly subscription information.
  • You correspond directly with Full Belly: csa@fullbellyfarm.com or 800.791.2110 about subscribing, vacation, any business-related items except being the Veggie Minder (host).
  • The content of each week’s box is different. Contents can change day-by-day, so if you don’t like surprises (too much!), check out the contents here.
  • The boxes for everyone on the UT list are delivered on Friday and are stored in the UT Commons Room (winter months) or the UT Tool Shed (summer months) for pick-up between 4pm and 7pm. At 7pm any unclaimed boxes will be put outside the Commons Room door, under the overhang (or outside the Tool Shed in the summer). It is our intent to leave the unclaimed boxes there, untouched, until 9am on Saturday, at which point their contents become fair game for anyone who wants veggies. Because the produce starts to deteriorate (especially if it’s sunny), we didn’t think it was wise to leave the veggies outside for any longer than that, and we didn’t want them to go to waste. However, since not everyone who might walk by is reading either this website or messages on the Full Belly listservs, we can’t guarantee that someone won’t take veggies before the 9am cut-off point. For this reason, of course it’s best to pick up your veggies on Friday evening — plus we will get a chance to see you and share a drink with you if you come before 7pm.
  • Each week, one or two subscribers take responsibility for being at the Commons Room (or Tool Shed in the summer) from 4pm to 7pm so that each subscriber can pick up his or her box.

Notes for Veggie Minders

Most Veggie Minders (hosts) now take full responsibility for all of the following activities on the weeks they have a shift, but sometimes a couple of people (or couples) will split a shift. Veggie Minders take turns according to predetermined shifts. To sign up for a shift, email Alix Schwartz.

Early Days of the Full Belly Farm Soiree

Opening responsibilities

  • Set up the soiree at 4pm.
  • If you have a key, open the Commons Room. If you don’t, someone with a key will let you in.
  • Count the number of boxes to make sure we have the correct number.
  • The opener will wheel out the drinks and food carts, and put all the bottles and such on the table where people can get at them.
  • In the summer Veggie Minders will also bring out the umbrella and the little table, and wheel out the chairs and pull a few down for people to sit on.
  • When people come to get their veggies, make sure they sign by their name on the sheets Full Belly will have dropped off.
  • Those opening will stick around until the Closer appears or until there is some UT resident at the soiree who is willing to keep an eye on things until the Closer appears. We can’t leave the Commons Room or the Tool Shed completely unattended at any point in the three-hour window from 4-7pm.

Closing responsibilities

  • At 7:00 put any unclaimed boxes outside of the Commons Room (or tool shed, in the summer) for latecomers to pick up.
  • Put all the bottles back in their box and wheel the two carts back into the closet.
  • Put the chairs back where they belong.
  • Clean up any food scraps, etc.
  • Wipe down the table.
  • Put all recyclables into the recycling bin.
  • If you live at UT, wash and return the dirty glasses, knives, and cutting boards; if not, box them up for Phyllis or another UT volunteer to wash.
  • If there seems to be a mess on the carpet, run the vacuum around a bit.

We receive one free box every week, and the veggie minder gets that box as his or her reward. If the veggie minding shift is split between an opener and a closer, the two also split the box contents.

Got questions? Email Alix Schwartz.