• Buildings 1 through 8 (townhomes and garden apartments) residents

    To begin your garbage (aka “refuse”) pickup service, go to the City’s Zero Waste Programs and Services page or call 510.981.6350.

    If your unit does not already have one, you will be provided with a bin on wheels, which should be kept inside the storage closet provided for almost every unit. Pickup occurs usually around 8am one day each week. You need to wheel your bin to the curb at either Addison Street, Allston Way, California Street, or Jefferson Avenue. The pick-up day and location are determined by your mailing/billing address. Any garbage that will not fit into your bin (for example, bags placed beside or on top of a full bin) WILL NOT be picked up by the City of Berkeley.

    Got too much? If you have more trash than your can will hold, you may purchase special bags at the Transfer Station. These bags cost $5.73 each and will be collected with the next scheduled collection. May 2015
  • Building 9 (old schoolhouse) residents

    Building 9 residents do not have individual garbage bins. Please carry your garbage in sealed bags to the dumpster located inside the trash and recycling enclosure located at the north-west corner of Building 9. The dumpster and recycling bins in the north-west enclosure are designated for use by residents of Building 9 only. Building 1 through 8 residents may NOT use this dumpster since the fees for dumpster pickup are paid by special monthly assessments charged only to the residents of Building 9 who have no other means to dispose of their garbage.
  • Garbage bins near the mailboxes

    The garbage bins located near all UT mailboxes and the tot lot are NOT to be used for household garbage or meal-related refuse. The Association pays a custodial service to empty these bins weekly.